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  • Frankfurt and Darmstadt
    In 2014 Bena set up a small business focusing on relocation in Frankfurt. She works with agencies to make the relocation process simple and stress-free. If you are interested in relocation or are relocating please contact

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  • We provide a simple, affordable relocation service
    We know what it is like to relocate to Germany, Bonn, Frankfurt or Darmstadt as we have done it. We know the stress it causes and try our best to reduce it for you. All relocations are individual and we will ensure that we offer you an always-connected service. We primarily serve the B2B market and are experts in relocating financial staff, IT staff and Space recruits.

Reviews on our services

  • From property owners in Darmstadt
    Als Vermieter einer möblierten Wohnung in Darmstadt hatten wir das Glück, von Frau Roberts kontaktiert zu werden. Sie vermittelte uns auf Anhieb exakt die Mieter, die wir uns erhofft hatten. Ihr Auftreten war äußerst sympathisch, ihre Beratung in Sachen Vermietung/Vertragsgestaltung hoch professionel und kompetent. Es blieben keinerlei Fragen offen. Die Komunikation (deutsch/englisch) verlief reibungslos. Wir können Frau Roberts uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen, danken ihr und wünschen ihr weiterhin viel Erfolg. Petra und Dr. Arturo Smith Gregory


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Mother, Author, launched four successful start-up companies and warrior


In 2014 Bena Roberts started her own relocation agency. She manages relocations from all of the world to Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Prior to this, she was the CEO of GoMo News and a successful analyst and journalist. Bena has a Masters in Economics and a BA (Hons) in Media Studies.


Bena is currently writing a romantic comedy called Six Tinder Nights.