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In and around Darmstadt

  • 11251203_10153419584674275_7867312141339058305_n
    We have lived in and around Darmstadt for 10-12 years. Here are a few pictures of us and our friends and our beloved dogs who recently passed away ... just before their 17th birthday.

Our Services

  • We provide a simple, affordable relocation service
    We know what it is like to relocate to Germany, Bonn, Frankfurt or Darmstadt as we have done it. We know the stress it causes and try our best to reduce it for you. All relocations are individual and we will ensure that we offer you an always-connected service. We primarily serve the B2B market and are experts in relocating financial staff, IT staff and Space recruits.

Reviews of our services

  • In German - From property owners
    Als Vermieter einer möblierten Wohnung in Darmstadt hatten wir das Glück, von Frau Roberts kontaktiert zu werden. Sie vermittelte uns auf Anhieb exakt die Mieter, die wir uns erhofft hatten. Ihr Auftreten war äußerst sympathisch, ihre Beratung in Sachen Vermietung/Vertragsgestaltung hoch professionel und kompetent. Es blieben keinerlei Fragen offen. Die Komunikation (deutsch/englisch) verlief reibungslos. Wir können Frau Roberts uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen, danken ihr und wünschen ihr weiterhin viel Erfolg. Petra und Dr. Arturo Smith Gregory

Ian Roberts

  • MSC Internet Security
    Ian is an IT expert who has been an expat for over 25 years. He has lived across Europe and was a contractor for over 16 years. He settled in Darmstadt and is now the MD of Relocation Management Europe. He is the Tax, car insurance and financial expert. He is also a wicked renovation guru!
The reality of un-furnished property!


  • Freelance Staff
    We do not use students. Both of our freelancers are expats in Germany. Both are full-time working mums whose advice you can trust. They both work in the HR Industry and have first-hand experience in relocating staff to Darmstadt or Frankfurt.
  • Oliver
    Is our all around search guru. If anyone can then Oliver can! He also speaks several languages and is an amazingly optimistic man!
  • Bena - Co-Owner and full-time member of Relocation Management
    Bena will usually be your first, last and everyday point of contact. She has single-handedly managed over 135 relocations in Frankfurt and Darmstadt and is a mini-library of everything you need to know. She is also a mum of two kids, ex-Business Coach and all over friendly person who will ensure that you feel welcome in Germany.
Essential fixtures for lighting - quickly
Then there was light!

Our Home

  • 20160907_085741
    We bought a 120 year old house in Seeheim-Jugenheim. We did 80% of all the remodelling and redecorating ourselves. What a learning curve!!! Pulling out doors, complete new floors, walls and windows. Ian did all the cables and electric alone too. Here are a few pictures of the garden and outside.